Dunk Dunk - Multiplayer Basketball
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Coming soon on PC & Switch

Dunk Dunk - A multiplayer action basketball videogame!

Dunk Dunk is an intense pick-up-and-play multiplayer action basketball game from Badgerhammer. Precise player controlled throwing & dunking, plus a unique stretchy block make for nail-bitingly tense matches.

Play alone, with a friend or a house full of friends. Dress up your mascots and dunk basketballs, balloons or even anvils in crazy locations from all over the universe like space stations, dinosaur parks and haunted houses. Dunk Dunk is basketball game like no other.

Coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PC.

Nintendo Switch
Dunk Dunk on Steam

Easy to pick up

Familiar platform game controls mean anyone can pick up and start dunking.

Refine your ball control

Analogue arm control let's you Aim, throw and slam dunk the ball at the exact angle you want.

Master the block

Defend goals, deflect the ball into the goal or become a platform to help your teamates.

Feint & shield

Fake a throw or shield the ball by holding out of your opponents reach.

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Coming soon on PC & Switch

Single Player & Co-op Modes

Play a quick match or take on the many challenges and cups alone or with a friend.

Party Time

Design multi round tournaments for up to 16 players for your multiplayer parties.

Mutate the Game

Set up the game your way with 20+ Mutators that change the ball, gravity, rules and more.

Make Over!

Want to play as a purple-robo-vampire-shark? We got it covered. Customise your characters with hundreds of different body parts.

Location Location Location

Play in 8 unique arenas all over the universe with their own special features.

Your Name is Dunk

More than 2 and a half million procedural team and player names.

Coming soon on PC & Switch